A True Love Story

In high school (Bremen) I met the love of my life, Laura.

We went to the University of Illinois at Chicago. Laura became a medical laboratory technologist and I earned a bachelors of science in both math and physics. She is practical and extremely intelligent ... I on the other hand chose a career path that led to zero job opportunities.

We got married and moved to Portland, Oregon. She started her career and I went to school for mechanical engineering.

Exactly one year later, I discovered I hate engineering and we wanted a child. So we moved back to Chicago and I started a masters program in teaching mathematics. I had a crazy fun time learning how to teach math. In 1993, I graduated and started my career at Thornwood high school.

In 1998, we adopted a beautiful 3 week old girl we named Delaney; best day of our lives! She is awesome!

Since then Laura and I earned a doctorate in education. She is now traveling the world as a vice president at ACGME teaching medical doctors how to teach their residents. I am still having a great time teaching math at Thornwood.

Delaney is currently attending beautician school. She is amazing at make-up and hair-coloring. Did I mention that Laura and Delaney fill my life with laughter and make me want to be a better person.

My advice ... marry UP! ... and try not to let it spoil you!!!